Chironjib Bonoushodhi part-1 and 2 by Shivkali Bhattacharya PDF

Chironjib Bonoushodhi by Shivkali Bhattacharya Bangla herbal eBook in PDF

Book name- Chironjib Bonoushodhi (vol-1,2)
Author – Shivkali Bhattacharya

Format- PDF
size- 22 and 26MB
Pages- 392, 413
eBook quality- excellent

Chironjib Bonoushodhi by Shivkali Bhattacharya
Indian Medicine, who had been established, the successor of them Ayurbedacharjo Shivkali Bhattacharya. Today I’ll share with you a herbal book Chironjib Bonoushodhi part- 1 and part- 2. Get the herbal eBook as a PDF file.

Chironjib Bonoushodhi Part- 1
Chironjib Bonoushodhi Part- 2
Ayurveda is a part of ancient Indian medicine. This remarkable treatment system was created on the soil of India about 500 years ago fro today. But it is believed that its treatment is 5000 years old. Atharvaveda is a part of holy Veda and the medical practice is described in the Atharvaveda Veda that is Ayurveda. In ancient times, the treatment of human diseases was done through the trees and its parts like fruit, bark, root, etc. This treatment is now known as ‘Herbal Treatment’ or ‘Alternative Treatment’. Nowadays this treatment is more common in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan alongside, this treatment procedure has gained wide popularity in the developed world.

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