Admya by Smaranjit Chakraborty in ebook pdf

Admya by Smaranjit Chakraborty in Bangla ebook pdf

e-book name- Admya
Author – Smaranjit Chakraborty

 Format- PDF
size- 10MB
Pages- 217
eBook quality- excellent

Admya by Smaranjit Chakraborty

Smaranjit Chakraborty is a noted writer of nowadays Bangla literature and very popular among younths as a storyteller. But he started writing with poems. The novel ‘Patajharar Marshume’ is the first writing of his. Admya Sen is an amazing fiction character of this this author. Nowadays he is a most popular Bengali writer of India. He is famous for his Novels, Stories, Fictions. His notable works are- Patajharar Morshume, Palta Hawa, Budbud, Aamader Sei shohore, Finge, Unish kurir prem, Alor Gandho, Criscros etc.
Now I want to share with you a ebook pdf ‘Admya’ which written by Smaranjit Chakraborty.
Get the novel Admya ebook pdf.

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