Thagi by Shripantha High-Quality Epub & pdf

Thagi by Shripantha, Bengali Epub & pdf
ebook name- ‘Thagi’,
Written by – Shripantha (Nikhil Sarkar),
Book genre- Historical storybook,
File format- PDF, Epub
Pages- 183
PDF File size- 1Mb,
Quality- HQ, without any watermark,

Thagi by Shripantha epub

At that time in India, about 40,000 people were lost every year and it lasted for about 500 years. Some come for business, some for special needs or pilgrimage, and they never go back to their family. The reason behind this non-return was a group of murderous forces- Thagi.
The work of this group is different in place, time, and person So they are known differently. Some are known as ‘Bhagina’, some as ‘McFansa’, and some as ‘Dhuturia’.

This book is the story of real Thugs. These Thagis have been rampant in India throughout the 13th to 18th centuries. They would kill innocent passers-by for little. These Thagis are not just murderers, Thagis are the name of a strange belief. For 500 years, no one has been able to stop the atrocities of these Thagis. Then, for almost 30 years, India was liberated from these Thagis by the English young man Sleeman.
This is a great non-fiction book written by Sripanth. Historical evidence book.

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