Meenpiyasi by Subodh Ghosh in PDF

Meenpiyasi by Subodh Ghosh Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Meenpiyasi
Author – Subodh Ghosh
Format- PDF
size- 12MB
Pages- 205
eBook quality- good

Minpiyasy by Subodh Ghosh

Subodh Ghosh (born: 1909 – Death: March 10, 1980) is an Indian Bengali writer and prominent fiction writer. He born at Hajaribag in Bihar. Student was in St. Columba’s College at Hajaribag. He had skills about Archeology and even martial arts. His writing period 1940 to 1980. The first story was “Ajantrik”, after that “Fossil”. His most famous story “Khir Khitury” also he wrote Tilanjali (1944), Gangotri (1947), Trijama (1950), Satokiya (1958), Meenpiyasi, Shiulibari etc. Today I’ll share with you, famous Bangla book “Meenpiyasi”.

Get Bangla eBook Meenpiyasy in PDF.

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