Sera Tarashankar bengali story book pdf

Sera Tarashankar bengali story book pdf
ebook name- Sera Tarashankar
Written by- Tarshankar Bandyopadhyay
Edited by- Sarit Bandyopadhyay
Book genre- the collection
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 23mb
Pages- 566
Quality- best, without any watermark

Sera Tarashankar pdf

Tarshankar Bandyopadhyay is one of the best novelist of modern times. He was born in 1898, 23rd July in a small zamindar family in Lavpur village of Birbhum district. His father’s name is Haridas Bandyopadhyay and mother Pravabati Debi. He passed the Entrance Examination from Higher English School in 1915-16. After then he came to Calcutta to study. He studied first at St. Xavier’s College and later at South Suburban College (now called Ashutosh College). And this time he joined Gandhiji’s non-cooperation movement. For this reason, he had to stay indoors in his own village. As a result, the study stopped.
He worked for a while in the coal business in Calcutta to earn a living. Later he got a job and moved to Kanpur. It was during this time when his journey into the field of Bengali literature began.
The first poetry book was published in 1926. Although he started with poetry, he soon made his way into the world of drama. Wrote the Maratha-Tarpan drama. At about the same time, the story of ‘Raskali’ was published in Kallol magazine.
In the meantime, the lawlessness movement was started across the country, inspired by patriotism Tarshankar joined the movement and was imprisoned in 1930. The next year he was out of jail and took up the service of the country through the pursuit of literature. From that time his constant literary practice began.

His work adds a new dimension to Bangla literature as it combines the experiences of ordinary people with the decaying life experiences of zamindars because he himself was a member of the zamindar family. The result of this is seen in his popular works like ‘Gonodevta’, ‘Manwantar’, ‘Hansulibanker Upokotha’, ‘Dak Harakara’, ‘Arogya Niketan’, ‘Kabi’, and ‘Kirtihater Karcha’, etc. His personal experience is mixed in Tara Shankar’s literature. He has introduced the lalmati (red soil) of Birbhum and her people in his Bengali literature. The main body of Tarashankar’s literature includes rural characters like Vede, Patuya, Malakar, Lathial, Chowkidar, ‘Dak Harkara’, etc. Apart from this, his literature has been specially mentioned in the events of India’s independence movement, World War, violent riots, country divisions, the tragic catastrophe of economic structures and social conditions, anger of youth society, unrest, rebellion, etc.
Many stories and novels of Tarashankar have succeeded in making films and plays. Notable among these are Kalindi, Dui Purush, Arogyo Niketan, Jalsaghar, and Kobi.

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Dear Readers, now I want to share a book of his notable works- ‘Sera Tarashankar’ in pdf.
There are three novels, one drama, and songs in this book. These are-
Hansulibanker Upokotha
Dui Purush (drama)

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Dear readers, now you can collect this eminent book – ‘Sera Tarashankar‘ bengali story book pdf.

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