Sachitra Tabla Shikkha by Rabindra Kumar Basu pdf

Sachitra Tabla Shikkha by Rabindra Kumar Basu pdf
ebook name- ‘Sachitra Tabla Shikkha’
Writer- Rabindra Kumar Basu
Book genre- A tutorial book
File format- PDF
Size- 6mb
Pages- 158
Quality- best, without any watermark

Sachitra Tabla Shikkha by Rabindra Kumar Basu pdf

There is no end to the differences and various gossips about the birth mystery of tabla (Musical instrument). According to many musicians, Amir Khasru invented the sitar and the tabla, mridanga (a percussion music instrument of ancient origin, later it called Pakhawaj during the Muslim period) was divided into two parts, and tabla was introduced in Indian music society.
But whatever the doctrine, it must be acknowledged that the tabla is first required to accompany the ‘kheyal’-song, and gradually the tabla began to be used to accompany such songs. Many believe that the immature form of Tabla-Bayar was created at the beginning of the Muslim rule, when the regional village music kabali (qawwali) -sahela was prevalent. Tabla and mridanga instruments are required to keep the rhythm of the song.
This is why tabla and Pakhawaj are called ‘tal’ (rhythm) instruments.

The topics covered by the author in this book are certainly suitable for beginner students as well as skilled students. This book gives as much information as possible about the utterances of the tabla, i.e. what sound do the tabla and Baya make when it hits a place? For the convenience of the students, the subject is explained in detail here through various types of diagrams.

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