Chhotoder Padmapuran Bengali Child Story pdf

Chhotoder Padmapuran Bengali Child Story pdf
ebook name- Chhotoder Padmapuran
Type- Children literature
File format- PDF
Pages- 145
File size- 9mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Chhotoder Padmapuran

God’s place is very high in the imagination of the man. Gods live in heaven; he is a possessor of eternal power, The birth-death happiness, and sorrow of man, these are happening by his desire. And the mortal men have to accept these.
Does God have any prayer thing to the helpless men? Mortal men are always ignored and neglected object to him? They remained the thing of compassion forever?- the Padma Puran was written to answer this question. And it was shown there, God of Heaven conflict with the people of the soil. The god did not stay far away, he got involved himself in the daily life of the men and their love, affection, altercation, conflict. These events are shown in Padmapuran. For this reason, the story of Padmapuran has become so popular.

It is also necessary for the Children to know it, for that this book has emerged.
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All my dear little friends, now I want to share with you – ‘Chhotoder Padmapuran’ in pdf file.

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