Golpo Bole Dadumoni, Children’s Story Book pdf

Golpo Bole Dadumoni, Children’s Story Book in pdf
ebook name- ‘Golpo Bole Dadumoni’,
Written by- Nripendra Krishna Chattopadhyay,
Book genre- Children’s Story Book
File format- PDF,
PDF Size- 31Mb,
Pages- 256,
Uploaded by- Nil Baidya
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Golpo Bole Dadumoni pdf

Golpo Bole Dadumoni, Children’s Story Book: At a time when teenagers were sitting in front of the radio set in every Bengali house from Bombay to Burma, listening to Dadumani’s story in Dadumani’s Asar. Dadumani had a great influence on the lives of many teenagers of that day, despite giving up radio contact, his name ‘Dadumani’ remained.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is no comparison of well-known writer Napendrakrishna Chattopadhyay’s radio lectures and his literary works for the adolescents of Bengal. In this collection, two types of his stories have been collected in one place, one type is the real story like the shepherd headmaster and the other type is the story of mythology and ancient literature.

We can say without any doubt that all the stories he has told in this book from Puranas and ancient literature will be an eternal resource not only for teenagers but for every Bengali.
Such as – historical, story, mythology, the story of Sanskrit literature, life story. All my dear little readers, collect this most beautiful story collection book in pdf.
Table of contents:

Golpo Bole Dadumoni contents 1
Golpo Bole Dadumoni contents 2

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Dear readers, collect this wonderful story collection book for children and adolescents– ‘Golpo Bole Dadumoni‘ Bengali eBook pdf.

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