Golpo Valo Abar Bolo- Ashapurna Debi pdf

Golpo Valo Abar Bolo by Ashapurna Debi pdf
ebook name- ‘Golpo Valo Abar Bolo’
Written by- Ashapurna Debi
Book genre- Children’s book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 3Mb
Pages- 194
Courtesy by- Mitu Mitra from molat
Quality- not bad, without any watermark

Golpo Valo Abar Bolo by Ashapurna Debi pdf

Some words about the book ‘Golpo Valo Abar Bolo’

In the evening the little baby begs his mother …….. Mother, now tell a story …
The mother’s heart was filled with joy when she heard this.
Pulling the little boy closer … she started the story … the story of the fairy tale … the story of laughter … the story of the king and queen- The little kid stares wide-eyed at his mother’s face … As he listens to the story, his mind wanders across the field of Tepantar- Through this story, he is introduced to different human characters. He can know about the monster, he can know about the Pakhhiraj Ghora, Bangma-Bangmi, the island across the seven seas and thirteen rivers.
He does not forget anything. The baby grows bigger day by day. But his interest in listening to stories does not diminish … but increases.
Then he looks for the storybook in his favorite. And that book is his life partner. The scientific mind of this child gives birth to the aircraft of the modern age.

Meanwhile, someone sat down to fill the mother’s place again to write a story. The immortal literature of the world is created for the children of the future. New babies get pleasure from reading it. In this way, invaluable books in the Bengali language were created.

From this, we can clearly understand that the task of telling a story seems very straightforward but in fact, it is not straightforward at all. Because the food of the child’s mind is hidden in these.

Ashapurna Devi was one of the best storytellers in today’s Bengali literature.

Bengali readers have been fascinated by her literature. In the midst of hundreds of sorrows, they burst into laughter and found joy. For a moment, though, they forget the sadness of their lives.

She did not forget to give joy to the children. She has been telling stories with affection like a mother for a long time. Some of the best stories written by her for children have been compiled in this book.

There are fourteen stories for children in this book, these are-
Ki Bipod!
Ek Chord
Sobcheye Dukher Din
Niruddesh Jatra
Kemon Oshudh!
Ghyach Kore
Bochon Hatar Lakhshmi Lav
Manik Chand
Bapre Bap, Bejay Sap!
Manusher Golpo
Ekti Bonyoborborta
Boi-Batiker Golpo

Table of content in Bengali-

Golpo Valo Abar Bolo content

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