Kishor Puran Samagra by Chittaranjan Ghosal Bangla book pdf


Kishor Puran Samagra by Chittaranjan Ghosal Bangla book pdf file
ebook name- Kishor Puran Samagra
Author- Chittaranjan Ghosal
File format- PDF
Pages- 538
File size- 32mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Kishor Puran Samagra by Chittaranjan Ghosal ebook

Purana is a type of mixed literature, as a combination of history, religious rules and regulations, fable etc. And These are important narrative scriptures of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions. The Puranas are divided into two parts – Mahapuran and Upapuran. Number of Mahapuran are eighteen and the Upapuran also eighteen, total thirty six and all are written in Sanskrit. In the Puranas, there are discussed about the history of the universe from creation to end, genealogy of princes, warriors, sages and deities, and Hindu cosmology, philosophy and geology etc. know more from here. Anyway, on the internet, there is a lot of download links in the Puranas for adults. But there is rarely found suitable Puranas stories for the children. So now I want to share an ebook of ‘Kishor Puran Samagra’ in this book, many mythological stories for children and teenager. Collect the ebook pdf for children which link mentioned below.
Bangla book pdf Kishor Puran Samagra



  1. pls correct the Typo – “Number of Mahapuran are eighty and the Upapuran also eighty”. It should be eighteen 🙂

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