Shishunatya by Shivram Chakrabarty Bangla Natok ebook

Shishunatya by Shivram Chakrabarty Bangla Natok ebook pdf
ebook name- Shishunatya
Author- Shivram Chakrabarty
Book category- Drama
File format- PDF
Pages- 237
File size- 10mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Shishunatya by Shivram Chakrabarty

Not only for writing, but also Sivaram Chakravarti claims to be the characteristic of all aspect of speech, behavior, purity. On one hand, the spontaneous nature of humor, on the other hand, the coordination of the impoverished love of the human being has established him in literature. The author was born on the 27th Agrahayan of 1310 BS (December, 1903). The original residence of Chanchal (Malda), but Sivaram Chakravarty was born in Calcutta. He has been rewarded many times as the best child-literary and got ‘Mouchak Award’ and ‘Bhubaneswari Padak’. His created story ‘Bari Theke Paliye (Run away from home)’ has also been adapted into film. He was well-known as the creator of child-literary and humor, but he was specially skilled in writing highly relevant article and poems. He wrote a number of books ans some of these popular books are mentioned here- ‘Mosko Banam Pandichery’, ‘Jokhan Tara Kotha Bolbe’, ‘Swami Manei Asami’, ‘Stri Manei Istri’, ‘Harshobardhan Ar Gobardhan’, ‘Birat Bhog’, ‘Bhuture Adbhuture’, ‘Barmar Mama’, Hansu Hana’ etc. Shivram’s glory is undeniable in the introduction of a new form of humor in Bengali literature. Not only is the creator of novels, articles and poems writing, he was an unique creator in writing the children’s laughter drama. All of his laughter plays have been compiled in this book. All of my dear little readers can collect the book- ‘Shishunatya by Shivram Chakrabarty’ as a pdf file. Table of content-

Shishunatya content
Bangla Natok ebook– ‘Shishunatya by Shivram Chakrabarty‘, collect the pdf


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