Sukumar Samagra Rachanabali Part- 1 and 2 ebooks pdf


Sukumar Samagra Rachanabali Part- 1 and 2 ebooks pdf file
ebook name- Sukumar Samagra Rachanabali Part- 1 and 2
Author- Sukumar Roy
File type- PDF
Quality- Good, without any watermark

Sukumar Samagra Rachanabali ebooks
Upendrakishore Roychowdhury and Sukumar Roy have a familiarity and reputation in Bengali literature, basically as a child-literary. If really someday worthwhile assessments is done, then we can easily understand that the diversity and specialty of their whole literature in the overall background of Bengali literature- this father and son have a respectable place in the overall Bengali literature. Of course this is needless to mention that, Bengali children literature is not a isolated part of Bengali literature, it is a prominent section of its. In this prominent section, two brightly independent men of two different eras Upendrakishore and Sukumar-and this is their main identity. Today I want to share Sukumar Roy’s entire composition in two parts. Little readers can collect these parts as pdf file from link below.

Sukumar Samagra part-1
Sukumar Samagra Rachanabali Part- 1
Pages- 269
PDF size- 20mb

Sukumar Samagra part-2

Sukumar Samagra Rachanabali Part- 2
Pages- 437
PDF size- 21mb

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