Bimal Mitra Omnibas free ebook pdf

Bimal Mitra Omnibas Bangla free ebook pdf
Author name- Bimal Mitra
File format- PDF
PDF size- 48mb
Pages- 601
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Bimal Mitra Omnibus

Bimal Mitra (18 march 1912 – 2 December 1991) was an Indian Bengali prominent writer. He wrote literature in Bengali and Hindi both languages. He started literary creation when he worked in railways. The first novel ‘Chai’, he became famous in Bengali literature when he wrote the novel ‘Saheb Bibi Golam‘. Arter then left the service of railways and self-appointment to literary creation. His other famous novels are- Khel Nasib Ka, Kori Diye Kinlam, Er Nam Sangsar, Cholo Kolkata, Naphar Sankirtan, Pati Param Guru, etc. Collect also Bimal Mitrer Galpo Sambhar. Almost five hundred stories and more than one hundred novels writer Bimal Mitra awarded by Rabindra Purushkar in 1964 for his novel Kari Diye Kinlam. He also received many awards and honors.

His written novels have been implemented in several films in India. Now I’ll share with all friends, a collection ebook of his written stories. Please view the list-
Bimal Mitra Omnibas content
free ebook pdf Bimal Mitra Omnibas

Note: As per the publisher’s request, we removed the pdf from this post on October 2, 2020. You can collect a lot of hard-copy of this author- Follow The LINK

Dear readers, collect the book of Bimal Mitra’s Omnibus, there are ten eminent stories collection in this book.

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