Lalit Basanta by Chitta Ranjan Maity Shreshtha Premer Upanyas pdf


Lalit Basanta by Chitta Ranjan Maity Shreshtha Premer Upanyas ebook pdf
ebook name- Lalit Basanta
Author- Chitta Ranjan Maity
File format- PDF
Pages- 417
File size- 24mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Lalit Basanta by Chitta Ranjan Maity ebook

‘Lalit Basanta’ is a collection of Bengali romantic novels which are written by one of the most popular writer, storyteller and novelist Chitta Ranjan Maity. He also well-known as child-literary. On one side, he is a poet, his writing rhyme books for children are very popular. Some notable films were made based on his writing novels. And some books have been translated into various national and foreign languages. His huge notable works are- ‘Moru Mrigaya’, ‘Lila Sangam’, ‘Joyita’, ‘Andhar Periye’, ‘Moner modhye Mon’, ‘Apon Ghar’, ‘Mumba’, ‘Nilanjol’, ‘Swapnashikhar’, ‘Tribeni’, ‘Amrita Niketan’, ‘Kalabati’ etc. Now I want to share with all my dear blog readers, a romantic novels collection book- ‘Lalit Basanta by Chitta Ranjan Maity‘ as pdf file. There are six novels in this book, these are- ‘Mathur’, ‘Barsha Basanta Chhuye’, ‘Bhorer Ragini’, ‘Apon Ghar’, ‘Nil Aparajita”, ‘Tumi Rabe Nirabe’. Collect this Shreshtha Premer Upanyas sambhar as pdf from link below.
Shreshtha Premer Upanyas Lalit Basanta by Chitta Ranjan Maitycollect the pdf


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