Keshab Chandra Sen’s Several books Collection pdf

Keshab Chandra Sen’s Several ebooks Collection pdf
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Keshab Chandra Sen's Several books

Keshab Chandra Sen (1838-1884) was an intellectuals and leaders of Brahma of the nineteenth century. In 1980, he was founded the universal religion which called ‘Nabo Bidhan’. As a social reformer Keshab Sen had a deep impression in Bengali the society. ‘Brahmananda’ the title was awarded to Keshab Chandra who was not only an important member of the Bengal renaissance but also one of India’s national consciousness and unity Germinator and pleased as the mouthpiece. Readers can collect several anciant books of his and others written as a pdf file. Tere are five boos in this post. These are ‘Jibanbed’, ‘Kalikata Bramhasamaj’, ‘Shribrahmananda Keshabchandra’, ‘Sangat’, ‘Sadhu Samagam’.

Pages- 223
Pdf size- 18mb

Kalikata BramhasamajKalikata Bramhasamaj
Pages- 178
Pdf size- 9mb

Shribrahmananda KeshabchandraShribrahmananda Keshabchandra
Pages- 364
Pdf size- 23mb

Pages- 363
Pdf size- 13mb

Sadhu SamagamSadhu Samagam
Pages- 97
Pdf size- 4mb

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