Swanirbachita Kishor Samagra by Mahasweta Devi book to ebook


Swanirbachita Kishor Samagra by Mahasweta Devi Bangla book to ebook pdf
e-book name- Swanirbachita Kishor Samagra
Author name- Mahasweta Devi
Book genre- Kishor Sahitya
File format- PDF
PDF size- 15mb
Pages- 212
Quality- Very nice

Swanirbachita Kishor Samagra by Mahasweta Devi
Mahasweta Devi (14 January 1926 – 28 July 2016) was a prominent writer and human rights activist. She was born in the present Dhaka in Bangladesh. She walked a long way for searching the dimensions and the indigenous narrative of subject in Bengali literature and she was able to creation an exceptions people literature with her indigenous narration. She is famous for writing and working on indigenous peoples, including Santal. The author wrote more than one hundred, ‘Hazar Churashir Ma’ one of the best of these. Her notable works are Aranyer Adhikar, Nairite Megh, Agnigarva, Ganesh Mahima, Chotti Munda, Tir, rudali, Nil Chhabi, Mukh, Milur Jonya, Standayeni, Shikar Parba etc. She also wrote many story for teenager, today I want to share with all my dear teenage readers a story collection book and all the stories written by Mahasweta Devi. Stories List-
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Bangla book to ebook Swanirbachita Kishor Samagra


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