Prathom Galpo Sangkalan by Tapas Gupta pdf

Prathom Galpo Sangkalan by Tapas Gupta, Chhoto Golpo ebook pdf
e-book name- ‘Prathom Galpo Sangkalan’,
Written by – ‘Tapas Gupta‘
Type of book- Short story collection,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 31 Mb,
Pages- 321,
Original Uploader- Binita Chatterjee (molat facebook group)
Quality- Best, no watermark, Clickable Table of Contents.

Prathom Galpo Sangkalan by Tapas Gupta pdf

‘Prathom Galpo Sangkalan’ is a short stories collection Bengali book. All these thirty-two stories are written by Tapas Gupta. It is the pen name of the author. The real name is Sadhan Das.

These stories were written from 1980 to 2010 for thirty years. The time is not short. The stories in this collection contain a collection of different times, different people, different topics. At the last there are two translated stories. The first story is “Mrityu Theke Fire ” (Return from Death) by Albanian storyteller Noum Prefti. The narrator of the second is also Albanian. The name of the story ‘Apasoneta’ written by Dritria Agalli. However, Tapasababu has translated these from English. He has translated in very clear language, there is no difficulty in reading. It seems that I am reading an original article written in Bangla language. In both stories, Albanian society, culture, and environment have all come to the fore so clearly that it is clear that the two translations are successful in all respects. Successful even if not ‘directly’ translated from the original language.
In this collection, each of the 32 short stories written by Tapas Babu is well-organized, in addition to building the characters to a certain size, there are also detailed descriptions of different situations and environments. Reading the stories, it would seem that the author has observed various aspects and ranges of life and society very well. In addition, each story has a sense of art and craft as a storyteller.

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