Mahasthabir Jatak (all parts) by Premankur Atarthi Bangla boi pdf

Mahasthabir Jatak (all parts) by Premankur Atarthi Bangla boi pdf
ebook name- Mahasthabir Jatak (part-1, 2, 3 and 4)
Author- Premankur Atarthi
File format- PDF
Quality- good, without any watermark

Mahasthabir Jatak ebook

Premankur Atarthi was born in 1890, died at the age of seventy four in 1964. He did not have the opportunity to study in college. In Childhood ran away from home to Mumbai. And came back to Kolkata and and took a work to game stores in Chowrangi, Kolkata. He began Journalist-Life in Hindustan newspaper. After several times he was associated with the magazines- Baikali, Nachghar, Janhabi. He was the first editor of the magazine Betar Jagat. He had signed talent in Bengali film industry. He was the director of Calcutta New Theatre’s first sound film-‘Dena Pauna’.  Other notable films by his directed ‘Bharat Ki Beti’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Chirakumar Sabha’, ‘Ihudi Ki Ladki’ ‘Kapalkundala’ etc. Notable books by his written- Anarkali, Bazikar, Chashar Meye, Kalpona Devi etc. Among them ‘Mahasthabir Jatak’is undoubtedly his greatest contribution in Bengali literature. The entire book of four-part, he took twenty years to complete. The fourth volume was published after the death of the author. At the time of writing the four volume, he was bedridden for nearly ten years. He told orally the story to poet Uma Debi and Uma was on recorded the story. Friends, now I want to share with you this precious book’s all part- one two three and four as pdf files.

Mahasthabir Jatak part- 1
Pages- 298
Size- 18mb

Mahasthabir Jatak part- 2
Pages- 250
Size- 15mb

Mahasthabir Jatak part- 3
Pages- 323
Size- 17mb

Mahasthabir Jatak part- 4
Pages- 209
Size- 15mb

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