Cinemar Sab Upanyas by Premendra Mitra

Cinemar Sab Upanyas by Premendra Mitra in Bangla ebook pdf
e-book name- Cinemar Sab Upanyas
Author – Premendra Mitra
Format- PDF
size- 70MB
Pages- 758
eBook quality- Good

Cinemar Sab Upanyas by Premendra MitraPremendra Mitra (1904-1988) was a poet, novelist, journalist and editor. His written novels are very close to reality. He wrote many Poetry, novels, short stories and he also creative essays, music, screenplay, belles-lettres and writes detective stories. On the other hand, he wrote popular teenager science fiction ‘Kuhaker Deshe’. His notable Poetry books are- Prothama (1932), Samrat (1940), Sagar Theke Phera (1956), Kakhano Meg (1961) Stories Books are- Panchashar (1929), Benami Bandar (1930), Mrittika (1932), Mahanagar (1937), Saptapadi (1955) Novels are- Paak (1926), Kuyasha (1930), Michhil (1933), Uponayan (1933), Swapnotanu (1965), Jini Bidhata (1970) etc. Now I want to share with you an ebook pdf of his ‘Cinemar Sab Upanyas’. There are ten stories in this book, these are- Path Bhule, Protoshodh, Dabi, Natun Khabor, Kalo Chhaya, Hanabari, Ora Thake Odhare, Dakinir Char, Chupi Chupi Ase, Hat Baralai Bandhu.
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