Ghonada Samagra (all parts) Bengali story books in pdf

Ghonada Samagra (all parts) Bengali story books in pdf file
ebook name- Ghonada Samagra (part-1-2-3)
Author- Premendra Mitra
File format- PDF
Quality- high, without any watermark

Ghonada Samagra ebook

Premendra Mitra (born 1904 – death 3rd May 1988) was a versatile talented Bengali poet, short story writer, novelist, journalist, editor and film director. In his written novels, there is the implementation of reality. His pen serves gentle mockery and fights against hypocrisy. For this reason, his created stories are distinct from the other traditional stories. He was the most intimate and powerful writer among contemporary writers. He perceived the smog of city life, continued failure, loss of pride, the special inevitability of life and these have been published in the form of stories. In addition to poetry, novels, stories, he also wrote creative essays, songs, screenplay, and intelligence stories. Ghonada is the most popular creative character of Premendra Mitra. Storyteller, omniscient- Ghonada live in Messabari who is a very favorite author of all ages readers.
There are several threads on the internet about Ghonada Samagra about pdf files. But these PDF files aren’t completely high quality, some have double-page, some have excess watermark, many of these are difficult to read. So friends, today I have brought to you three parts of this popular Samagra with high quality and completely watermark-free pdf files. Collect these pdf files from the link below.

Ghonada Samagra-1
pages- 444
pdf size- 15mb

Ghonada Samagra-2
pages- 627
pdf size- 27mb

Ghonada Samagra-3
pages- 416
pdf size- 12mb

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