Dashti Upanyas by Samiron Guha Bangla ebook pdf

Dashti Upanyas by Samiron Guha Bangla ebook pdf file
ebook name- Dashti Upanyas
Author- Samiron Guha
File format- PDF
Pages- 695
File size- 28mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Dashti Upanyas by Samiron Guha

‘Dashti Upanyas’ the compilation of Samiron Guha’s early writing novels. The novels were not being reprinted for several reasons then by the author’s intense desire ‘Dashti Upanyas’ were republish.
The widespread shock of World War II that crated a stir, degradation and breakdown in the urban middle class people’s life of Bangali society. There is a perfect and appealing pictures were captured on each page of these novels. People of different occupations of the society are the main character of this live stories. This is a bright rescue from the forgotten section for the readers.
This prominent author Samiron Guha was born in 1921. His early education was done in Ranchi of Bihar at that time, now Ranchi is the state capital of Jharkhand. Even he comes to Kolkata for higher education but it does not exceed the Intermediate level. Because he had to take the job due to economic lack of the family.
His another notable works are- ‘Rup Noy Age Mon’, ‘Hridoye Shilabrishti’, ‘Prithibir Ujjwal Tumi’, ‘Tukuner Nakchhabi’, ‘Nijer Chhabi’, ‘Ratribas’, ‘Gatraharidra’, Hridoyer Sanglap’, ‘Ashwakhurer Shabda’ etc.
There are ten novels in this collection book, these are- ‘Hridoye Shilabrishti’, ‘Prithibir Ujjwal Tumi’, ‘Nishabder Nikote’, ‘Tukuner Nakchhabi’, ‘Rup Noy Age Mon’, ‘Nijer Chhabi’, ‘Damoyonti Uthayeya’, ‘Ashwakhurer Shabda’, ‘Aynar Moddhye Ayna’, ‘Shraboner Majhamajhi’.
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