Shrestha Galpo by Birendra Dutta bengali story book pdf

Shrestha Galpo by Birendra Dutta bengali story book pdf file
ebook name- Shrestha Galpo
Written by- Birendra Dutta
Book genre- Story collection
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 27mb
Pages- 479
Quality- good, without any watermark

Shrestha Galpo by Birendra Dutta pdf

Shri Birendra Dutta, a prolific writer in Bengali literature who wrote many remarkable stories in Bangla. Notable works are- Novels: ‘Uponodi Shakhanodi’, ‘Shiter Bela’, Bishanna Porobas’, ‘Nirjan Darpan’, ‘Samudrer Shabdo’, ‘Samne Juddho’. Short Stories: ‘Amil Poyar’, ‘Jolobindu’, ‘Purano Pot Dhusur Chhaya’, ‘Khelar Chhole’, ‘Pahare Samudre‘, ‘Hiseb Nikesh’, etc. Articles: ‘Panitrase Sharatchandra’, ‘Ranar Cholechhe, Ranar’, etc.

As a writer, he has proved a point. That is his sincerity. The kind of sincerity that a writer can become observant, that sincerity is the main quality of his stories. The stories contained in the present book bear the identity of his seeing and thinking.
Birendra babu does not neglect socialism, time and truth, and certainly does not. But he gives even more dignity the truth of sentiment. The men and women that revolve around in his rare-ever stories, revealing their minds is the subject of the author’s writing. There is no rush, no technical technique in this regard- the characters become familiar when they set foot on the ground of the story. This is where we get to know the real power of the author. He is not busy imagining an unprecedented, unseen character. Familiar characters are his place of trust.

There are twenty-three such kind of stories in this book, these are-
Khelar Chhole
Babui Pakhir Basa
Rangin Beloon
Sukher Mukh
Hiseb Nikesh
Anaswadito Andhokar
Golok Dhandha
Modhyo Dupur
Shunyer Chhaya
Zishur Putul
Moyna Tadanta
Rangin Chashma
Ami O Se
Thaka Na-Thaka
Lokhindarer Vela

Shrestha Galpo by Birendra Dutta contents

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