sudhindra nath raha (Sabyasachi) ebooks pdf collection

sudhindra nath raha (Sabyasachi) a lot ebooks pdf collection
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Bengali literature, adventure, detective stories, the story of the translation of foreign literature, etc. Dev Sahitya Kuthir published many books of this kind. Many famous writers and authors ware on the writing list. Sabyasachi was one of these writers. He gave another dimension to one of the translated literature. ‘Tarzan had come to Bengali by holding hands of Sudhindranath Raha alias ‘Sabyasachi’. He wrote the character under the pen name- Sabyasachi which ware not exactly translate, rather he wrote Tarzan on his own style. However, he did not just write the story of Tarzan, also write a lot of Bangla adventure and thriller novels. Today I want to share with you several books of his writing.
Books are-
Astachaler Pathe
Blood Hound
Janani Janmabhumi
Jibaner Meyad
Kabarer Niche
Kaler Kabale
Mrityu Dut
Mukhosher Antarale
Nepathya Nayika
Shesh Bali
Shesh Nishwas
Tarzan Fights for Life
Tarzan and His Son
Collect the ebooks pdf files from links which are provided below

astachaler-patheAstachaler Pathe
Pages- 105
Size- 5mb

blood-hound-anubadBlood Hound
Pages- 124
Size- 6mb

janani-janmabhumiJanani Janmabhumi (Historical Drama)
Pages- 165
Size- 5mb

jibaner-meyadJibaner Meyad
Pages- 115
Size- 6mb

kabarer-nicheKabarer Niche
Pages- 105
Size- 4mb

kaler-kabaleKaler Kabale
Pages- 124
Size- 6mb

mrityu-dutMrityu Dut
Pages- 140
Size- 6mb

mukhosher-antaraleMukhosher Antarale
Pages- 120
Size- 5mb

nepathya-nayikaNepathya Nayika
(A true story)
Pages- 73
Size- 4mb

samudraguptaSamudragupta (Drama)
Pages- 228
Size- 7mb

Pages- 157
Size- 5mb

shesh-baliShesh Bali
Pages- 116
Size- 4mb

shesh-nishwasShesh Nishwas
Pages- 101
Size- 5mb

shibarjjunShibarjjun (A mythological drama)
Pages- 125
Size- 3mb

tarzan-and-his-sonTarzan Fights for Life
Pages- 88
Size- 4mb

tarzan-fights-for-lifeTarzan and His Son
Pages- 137
Size- 7mb

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