Uponyas Samagro by Rabindranath Tagore । pdf Mobi & epub

Uponyas Samagro by Rabindranath Tagore । pdf, Mobi & epub
ebook name- ‘Uponyas Samagro’
Writer- Rabindranath Tagore
Book genre- Novels collection
File format- PDF Mobi and Epub
Courtesy by- teleboi
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Uponyas Samagro by Rabindranath Tagore pdf

This book contents thirteen novels by Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindra’s fame is spreading in the country and abroad mainly due to his novels and stories. The plot and craft of his stories can be compared to the work of the best storytellers in the world.
He expressed his views on society, politics through fiction and essays. He spoke in favor of rural development and educating the rural poor as a means of social welfare. In addition to this, he strongly protested against social discrimination, untouchability, religious orthodoxy, and bigotry in his poems and stories.

In addition to poetry and song, this great creator creates 13 novels, 95 short stories, 36 essays and prose-book, and 38 play-book. Now in this post, we have shared his 13 novels collection as pdf, Mobi & epub.
These novels are-
Gora (গোরা)
Ghore Baire (ঘরে বাইরে)
Chaturanga (চতুরঙ্গ)
Char Adhyay (চার অধ্যায়)
Chokher Bali (চোখের বালি)
Dui Bon (দুই বোন)
Noukadubi (নৌকাডুবি)
Projapotir Nirbandho (প্রজাপতির নির্বন্ধ)
Bou Thakuranir Hat (বউ-ঠাকুরানীর হাট)
Malancho (মালঞ্চ)
Jogajog (যোগাযোগ)
Rajarshi (রাজর্ষি)
Shesher Kobita (শেষের কবিতা)

1. Uponyas Samagro by Rabindranath- EPUB
Size- 2mb
Pages- 1928
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2. Uponyas Samagro by Rabindranath- Mobi
Size- 4mb
Pages- 1928
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3. Uponyas Samagro by Rabindranath- PDF
Size- 14mb
Pages- 4004
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Dear reader, you can collect a novel collection book- ‘Uponyas Samagro by Rabindranath Tagore‘ in EPUB, Mobi, and pdf.

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