Ajker Bishwa by Anil Bishwas bangla book pdf free

Ajker Bishwa by Anil Bishwas bangla book pdf free
ebook name- Ajker Bishwa
Written by- Anil Bishwas
Book genre- International events- Documentary ebook
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 18mb
Pages- 354
Quality- best, without any watermark

Ajker Bishwa by Anil Bishwas pdf

Introduction to the book- ‘Ajker Bishwa’

Many important events are happening every day in different parts of the world. These events are playing a very effective role in changing the international political crisis. The United States retains its dominant role in the imperial system. The political landscape of the world has changed since the 1980. A new world map has been drawn.
On the one hand, as imperialist ideological attacks have intensified since the collapse of the Soviet Union, on the other hand, progressive forces have sought to prevent it. In the case of the global capitalist system, there are many differences in the country. Germany and Japan are going through a crisis. The unemployment rate in OECD countries is rising. Many people are losing jobs and facing poverty. There have been labor movements in different countries of Europe on these issues. In addition,, as a result of one of the problems of global capitalism, the economic crisis in the countries of Southeast Asia.
On the other hand, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Democratic Korea are trying to advance socialist development. Hong Kong, which has long been a British colony, now joined China. Even in countries in Eastern Europe, their people are beginning to think about socialism again. It is very important to be aware of these issues and the events involved.
This book has been written by compiling and editing as needed all the articles that are written by Anil Bishwas in “Ek Dashak : Dui Bishwa”. That book was written on contemporary international events.

This book will need students, researchers, political activists and people who are sympathetic to the progressive movement.- Shailen Dasgupta

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