Dui Shataker Bangla Sambad-Samaik Patra free book pdf

Dui Shataker Bangla Sambad-Samaik Patra free book pdf
ebook name- Dui Shataker Bangla Sambad-Samaik Patra
Edited by- Muntasir Mamun
Book genre- journal documentary ebook
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 25mb
Pages- 528
Quality- best, without any watermark

Dui Shataker Bangla Sambad-Samaik Patra

The identity of the newspaper with the people of this country about two-five-and-a-half years ago. Bengalis have to wait for several more years to appear for the Bengali newspaper. After then Bangalis did not just congratulate this attempt but also getting ready to publish more and more new newspapers. Within a few days, there are many magazines released from the capital of British India, Kolkata. And for that reason, a reputable English paper gave the new name to Kolkata ‘Patrikanagari’ at that time.
But all these newspapers did not want to be tied in the narrow circumference of the city of Kolkata. Its horizons became more expansive. The people of the village did not take much time to understand the importance of the newspaper. It is difficult to say how many newspapers and magazines were released in the twentieth century-but the number is not less than four thousand.

Most of these journals did not get long life. Most of the newspapers/journals were closed after almost two or four years.
Friends, if you want to know the all history of Bangla newspaper then collect the book.

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Dear readers, collect this eminent Bangla book – ‘Dui Shataker Bangla Sambad-Samaik Patra’ Bengali free book pdf.

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