Naxalbari Andolaner Pramanya Tathya Sankalan pdf

Naxalbari Andolaner Pramanya Tathya Sankalan – Bengali movement book pdf
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The movement of Naxalbari is one of the major historical events of the modern age. This is like another freedom struggle after independence. The ‘peasant struggle of Naxalbari’ in this state turned everything upside down by hitting the foundations of the long-standing system. This peasant struggle brought about a radical change in the conventional view, action or in a word, the view of knowing oneself and the world.

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Politically, this struggle added a new dimension to Indian politics. At the same time, a new chapter was started in the economic, social, and cultural spheres of India after the Naxalbari peasant movement. In a word, the Naxalbari movement has given us the courage to stand up straight.
And This book is an informative document of the Naxalbari movement. We need to have an informative history of such a historical event for the next generation.

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Dear readers, collect this valuable article book ‘Naxalbari Andolaner Pramanya Tathya Sankalan by Amar Bhattacharya‘ Bengali book pdf.

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