Galpo Songkalan Ed. by Somnath Ghosh ebook pdf

Galpo Songkalan Ed. by Somnath Ghosh ebook pdf file
ebook name- Galpo Songkalan
Author- Various
Edited by- Somnath Ghosh
File format- PDF
Pages- 171
File size- 10mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Galpo Songkalan

There are twenty-three selected stories in this compilation. All these stories are written by the various known and unknown authors. And each story has an amazing writing style. Please collect this book as pdf file.
Story and its author names are given below-
Baor by Nalini Bera
Karim Khaner Ashcharya Banduk by Avijit Dutta
Insured Persel by Asim Chowdhury
Antalin Tan by Dwijraj Sanyal
Chhad Nei by Dipak Sarkar
Stoneman by Arabind Dutta
Lija by Goutam Kumar Dey
Biswarupe Rakhal by Bhagiroth Mishra
Bristisnato Jyotsnay e Kar Payer Awaj by Suprio Bagchi
Dusamoy by Trinanjan Gangopadhyay
Cactus by Shishir Guha
Meghbhanga Rod by Manjushri Ghosh
Jol Pore Pata Nare by Swapnamoy Chakrabarti
Nijer Khoje by Joli Sarkar
Balmikir Ma by Mihir Bhattachariya
Shuyopoka by Amar Mitra
Malikana by Dipankar Das
Shubhar Dupur by Debashis Pradhan
Ghum Pachchhe by Debarshi Sargi
Kaler Srot by Atish Ghosh
Maranastra by Saibal Mitra
Bibeker Chhabi by Somnath Ghosh
Chorer Daye by Anita Agnihotri

Table of contents in Bengali-

Galpo Songkalan content
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