Kolkatar Adda Bangla special stories collection book

Kolkatar Adda Bangla special stories collection book pdf
ebook name- Kolkatar Adda
Author- Various prominent authors
Type- Edited Book
Edited by- Samarendra Das
File format- PDF
Pages- 237
File size- 17mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Kolkatar Adda

At one time, in the life of the Bengali people were engaged in the hobnob (Adda), even there was such a slander surround them that Bangali is just a chatter (Addabaz). In fact, there is a surprise behind the word ‘Addabaz’, working people never attract to chat. The idea might not be right. Those who read Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Baze Kotha’ or ‘Ponero Ana’ they’ll agree that if every moment of life becomes a working moment then only crops were produced on the earth, flowers did not flourish anywhere. If a human being had only a combination of works, it would have been a mechanical civilization. With that, we would become Ramguru’s kid.
Once upon a time, Kolkata was the capital of British India and the pride of Bengalis. Their culture and civilization have developed around this city. Many of us would agree that Kolkata is a culture, faith, love and passionate city. And that the reason this city is an amazing excitement and a city of refreshment. The life of metropolis was surrounded by many chat place (thek). So to know about this great city, it is important to know all these addresses of chat and stories of the metropolis. Otherwise, the picture of this great city does not become full. Even Job Charnak of the East India Company also came from a lot of ways every day and sat down for chatting under a banyan tree. Various types of chatting, there is include the many many ups and downs of this capital, socialist patterns, many stories of establishment etc. which is one of the other histories of this city.
Now I want to share a book of this type stories collection, name ‘Kolkatar Adda’ in a pdf file. The book edited by Samarendra Das. There are twenty-seven stories in this collection and all these stories are written by the various eminent Bengali authors, these stories are-
Adda by Buddhdeb Basu
Adda, Aro Adda by Nripendrakishna Chattopadhyay
Adda: Ghare Athoba Pothe by Premendra Mitra
Amader Jubakaler Adda, Jhakidarshan by Radhaprasad Gupta
Hirer Nakchhabi by Sagarmoy Ghosh
Pother More by Arun Mitra
Adda! Adda! by Tarun Majumdar
Adda : Sampadaker Daptare by Ranjit kumar sen
Trishna O Bishad by Shyamal Gangopadhyay
Akashbanir Asore by Kabita Sing
Addar Anyarakam by Buddhadeb Guha
Sekal-Ekaler Shilpider adda by Shobhan Som
Thiyetarer Adda by Rabi Ghosh
Adda Kono Din Bandho Hoyar Noi by Mukul guha
Shataur Chhayay Chitra-Sangbadikder adda by Shyamal Basu
Shilpi Jibaner Dui addar thek by Shubhaprasanna
Cinemar adda : Abosarer Gaan by Raja Mitra
Kolkatar Dskhin dorwajay by Subhash Ghoshal
Rabishankar O Bilayet Khan Ekti Ashruta Jugalbandi by Shankarlal Bhattachariya
Coffi Houser Adda by Ranjit Das
Cinemar Adda by Sugato Singha
Coffi Kinba Sidhupaner Adda by Debi Roy
Adda : Ekti Abikalpa Janala by Krishna Basu
Je Addar Rang Aaj Dhusar by Bishwarup Mukhopadhyay
Kolkatar Adda by Mandar Mukhopadhyay
Khelar Mather Adda by Joyanta Chakrabarty
Roybarir Adda by Swagata Dasgupta

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