Amor Kahini Arabya Rajani by Sourin Dutta Bangla free ebook pdf


Amor Kahini Arabya Rajani by Sourin Dutta Bangla free ebook pdf
e-book name- Amor Kahini Arabya Rajani
Edited by- Sourin Dutta
File format- PDF
PDF size- 63mb
Pages- 317
Quality- Not bad, old printed

Amor Kahini Arabya Rajani by Sourin Dutta ebook
Many of us have heard about the phantasy story book- Rajani Nights Arabya Rajani. Arabic name of it, kitab Alf Leila Wa-Lailaha. We all know the name of the Alif Laila. It is basically a reservoir of folk story of Arabian, Persian, Indian, Ijiptasiyan, Mesapatamiyan civilization. There is a lot story about history, adventure, fables and also there is many famous characterize stories like Sinabad, Alibaba Forty Thieves, story of Aladdin. It is the sum of the amazing story of 1001 and it has been translated into several languages. It is the conventional story collection book of the period in Golden Age of Islam. We can be judged many things about ancient Arab from the book as culture, race, governance, drying, economic conditions, crime etc. So dear readers now I want to share this ancient story book ‘Amar Kahini Arabya Rajani’ which has translated and edited by Souren Dutta. Actually it based on Arabian Night by Richard Burton. Please note that- the book isn’t for children.
Bangla free ebook pdf Amor Kahini Arabya Rajani

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