Chhayarsharir- Sekal Eakaler Bhooter Golpo PDF

Chhayarsharir- Sekal Eakaler Bhooter Golpo PDF
ebook name- Chhayarsharir- Sekal Eakaler Bhooter Golpo
Written by- Various authors
Edited by- Abul Kafi and Riksundar Bandyopadhyay
Book genre- bangla bhuter golpo pdf
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 3mb
Pages- 239
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Chhayarsharir- Sekal Eakaler Bhooter Golpo

About the book Chhayarsharir-

Is the ghost only a shadow? What shadow is that? Of the body? Or a shadow of a shadow? Ghost hasn’t any shadow, why? There is no shade of shadows so. The ghost is an independent shadow. And that shadow is also a body.
Discomfort with the body is the best achievement of the ghost story. Readers are going to the ghost only to find the body of the shadow. What is inside the shadow? What’s the other side of the shadow, this temptation of knowing this never gone. Because the dead never leave us. The ghost story is in another sense, a story of being with the dead. To go to that dead world and come back again, the bodyless shadow of those dead returns us- To our own- That bodylessness, that shadowy scare us, the mystery of that shadow. But one day I have to go there- What does this fear terrify us? Even it seems that the touch of that shadow is such a twist on magic and the touch will take away this body, that is my wealth. This is my being, this ‘being’, surviving, now end? So come back to save myself from the touch of the ghost and the shadow? Maybe so. Maybe the touch of the shadow can be avoided for a while. But still, the shadows grow, and their job is to grow. As the sun rises, the shadows become longer. Gradually, it spreads around and myself.

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There have been numerous attempts to prove that there are ghosts. Some of them have been proved again in a very scientific way. There has been an attempt to establish the ‘authenticity’ of ghosts by using the language of science. Those are amusing writing.
Such a compilation is not new in Bengal. Twenty-two ghost stories are in the collection of ‘Chhayarsharir’. Table of contents are-

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Dear readers, collect the Bengali ghost story book- ‘Chhayarsharir- Sekal Eakaler Bhooter Golpo‘ bangla bhuter golpo pdf.

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