Grimm Bhaider Bhoutik Galpo download ebook pdf

Grimm Bhaider Bhoutik Galpo download ebook pdf
ebook name- Grimm Bhaider Bhoutik Galpo
Translated by- Likhan Dul Lisa
Book genre- translated ghost stories for children
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 16mb
Pages- 110
Book courtesy of drh–seqaep dot org
Quality- best, without any watermark

Grimm Bhaider Bhoutik Galpo pdf

Many of us have read the fairy tale of Grimm brothers writing. All children and teenagers from different countries of the world have grown up reading or hearing the fairy tale stories which are collected by these two brothers. Even though everyone reads this type of stories, but the number of people who know about the two brothers is very few.

These two brothers were well-known German fairytale collector, cultural researchers, linguists.
Jacob Grimm (born in 1785, died in 1863), Wilhelm Grimm (born in 1786, died in 1859) these two brothers were born in Hanau, Germany. Their father Philip Grimm was a lawyer. They lost their father at an early age when Jacob was 11 and Wilhelm was 10 years old. And they spend many years of their lives in extreme poverty.
This two brothers traveled around the country in Europe and collected the myths of the local people of there. And all their collected folklore was revised and published many times from the year 1812 to 1857. Grimm brothers collected fairy tale stories “Children and Household Tales” was published in 1812. which are known as the Grimm fairy tale. Their collected stories are translated into about 100 languages all over the world.
Friends, now I want to share a ghost stories collection book of this authors.

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Dear little friends, you don’t forget to collect this ghost stories collection book- ‘Grimm Bhaider Bhoutik Galpo‘ download ebook pdf.

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