Bhoutik Samagra by Hemedrakumar Ray ebook to pdf


Bhoutik Samagra by Hemedrakumar Ray ebook to pdf file
ebook name- Bhoutik Samagra
Author- Hemedrakumar Ray
File format- PDF
Pages- 860
File size- 37mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Bhoutik Samagra by Hemedrakumar Ray ebook

Hemendra Kumar Ray was one of the writers of “Bharati” group. He was a poet, lyricist, dramatist, storyteller and teenage literary creator. He was also the editor of the weekly magazine Nachghar (1925). The author wrote all the popular songs of Jogeshchandra Chowdhury “Sita” drama. He wrote some articles under the “Prasad Ray” pseudonym. Notable novels of his writing- Joler Alpona (1916), Kalboishakhi (1921)etc. shot stories are- Pasora (1915), Madhupork (1917), Sindur Chupri (1921), Malachandan (1922) etc. His literary language is emotional and influenced by Rabindranath. The signs of basicity and modernity are explicit in his written contents.

His contribution to children literature is really memorable. His “Bimal-Kumar-Ramhari-Baghar Adventure” and “Jayanta-Manik-Sundarababu Detective Story” are very popular among boys and girls. And ‘Jakher Dhan’, ‘Surya Nagarir Guptadhan’ etc. these are the evergreen books of Bengali teenage literature. Now I want to share an ebook pdf file- ‘Bhoutik Samagra’ with all teenager friends who eager about ghosts. All these stories are written by the eminent author Hemendrakumar Ray. Table of content of this Bangla vuter galper-

ebook to pdf Bhoutik Samagra



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