Bhautik Amnibas by Manabendra Paul Bangla ghost story pdf


Bhautik Amnibas by Manabendra Paul Bangla ghost story ebook pdf
ebook name- Bhautik Amnibas
Author- Manabendra Paul
File format- PDF
Pages- 749
File size- 20mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Bhautik Amnibas by Manabendra Paul ebook

Fiction writer, Manabendra Paul (1926-2011) he wrote story in ‘Jugantar’ and other newspapers and his Unforgettable story have impressed to readers. In fact, there is no magazine in which he did not write. The number of published books of his,  is not very low. During his career, he was the deputy director of the publication department of Vishva-Bharati composition. The author began to write horror novels and stories for children in Nabokallol magazine. His written several stories and novels books have been published for adults. And also children’s adventure horror novel have been published from Deb Sahitya Kutir as Jibanta Kankal, Atanka, Ashariri Atanka etc. Each story of his characteristics, when readers once it started, it is impossible without end. Today I’ll share with all readers, a collection of Bhoutik rahasya galpo and upanyas in pdf file. Table of contents-

Bangla ghost story ebook pdf Bhautik Amnibas



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