Tirish Bochhorer Sera Vuter Golpo pdf

Tirish Bochhorer Sera Vuter Golpo pdf
ebook name- ‘Children’s Detective 30 Bochhorer Sera Bhooter Golpo’
Written by- Various eminent authors
Edited by- Mahindra Basu and Sanghamitra Basu
Book genre- A ghost stories collection
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 22Mb
Pages- 148
Courtesy by- original uploader
Quality- best, without any watermark

Tirish Bochhorer Sera Vuter Golpo pdf

There is a shiver in the name of ‘ghost story’. And no matter how rational the interpretation of the word ‘ghost’, the demand for this story from the readers is immense. But you need an environment to read or listen to ghost stories.
The enjoyment that comes from listening to ghost stories on a winter evening or at night or in the pouring rain is unmatched by any other time. Even the greatest rationalist will be thrilled to hear the ghost story in the aura of winter, foggy nature, and dark night. Some supernatural narratives are involved with ghost stories and our minds are drawn to the story when the narratives are as detailed and terrifying.

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There can be a lot of talk about whether there are ghosts in the real world. But the teenage mind is always looking for excitement, there is immense curiosity towards unseen objects, so the ghost stories rich in supernatural phenomena easily attract their minds. In this regard, this collection has been published with some selected stories from the ghost stories written by various writers in ‘Children’s’ magazine for thirty years.

The excellence of this collection can be gauged by looking at the author list. The purpose of publishing this collection is to touch the instinctive thinking of the teenager’s mind. The success of this compilation is only if the teenager’s mind is attracted. Table of content-

Tirish Bochhorer Sera Vuter Golpo content

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Dear readers, collect the best ghost stories of thirty years- ‘Tirish Bochhorer Sera Vuter Golpo‘ Bengali book pdf.

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