Yogbale Rog Arogya by Srimat Swami Shibananda Saraswati pdf

Yogbale Rog Arogya by Srimat Swami Shibananda Saraswati, Bangla ebook pdf
ebook name- ‘Yogbale Rog Arogya’
Author- Srimat Swami Shibananda Saraswati
Book type- Yoga Book
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Pages- 522
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Yogbale Rog Arogya by Srimat Swami Shibananda Saraswati pdf

With the help of science, people have achieved the impossible these days. People are flying in the sky; Revolves around the earth with unimaginable speed; At the bottom of the ocean, people roam freely; Making plans to go to Venus and Mars. But these people are again living a miserable life subject to decay, disease, and premature death which is a disgrace to mankind.
Swamiji’s mind was disturbed by this thought whether man can be saved from the hands of this disgrace, from this rust, disease, and premature death. We have always had direct evidence that people cannot be saved from premature death with the help of medicine. Swamiji began researching yoga with the idea that only with the help of Indian yoga could man conquer disease, aging, and premature death.
Swamiji strongly believes that the easiest way to prevent rust, disease, and premature death has been discovered. Everyone can do it. If this simple Indian method of yoga is adopted by the general public, then in the future all the people of the world will be able to overcome disease and premature death.

Modern material Science has invented the Atom Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, and poisonous Gas, which can destroy all animals, all human races from the surface of the globe in a few minutes. But modern Yoga Science of India has invented a very easy process to save all human beings from senility, disease, and untimely death and to extend human longevity over 125 years to 150 years by showing the Pathway to a higher life, full of Peace and Bliss. This simple process of Yoga-Science which is very beneficial for human society will be found in our Book-YOGIC THERAPY or Yogic way to cure Diseases.
If this Yoga system is introduced throughout the world there will be no necessity of Medicine, Doctoring .and Medical Hospitals. This Yoga is a great boon to human society.

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