Ashokcharit by Amulya Chandra Sen ebook pdf

Ashokacharit by Amulya Chandra Sen in Bangla ebook pdf

e-book name- Ashokacharit
Author – Dr. Amulya Chandra Sen
Format- PDF
size- 15MB
Pages- 63
eBook quality- Good
Courtesy- Boierhat online

Ashokcharit by Amulya Chandra Sen

Emperor Ashoka (304 BC-232 BC), a flaring name in the history of India. He was the third emperor of the Maurya. In 269 BC, he won the throne after emperor Bindusar. In Bengali language there are lack of books written about Emperor Ashoka. Now I want to share with you an ebook pdf  ‘Ashokcharit’ which written by Dr. Amulya Chandra Sen.
Get the ebook pdf Ashokcharit.

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