Oitihasik Kahini Samagra by Hemedrakumar Ray free book pdf


Oitihasik Kahini Samagra by Hemedrakumar Ray free book pdf file
ebook name- Oitihasik Kahini Samagra
Author- Hemedrakumar Ray
File format- PDF
Pages- 636
File size- 19mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Oitihasik Kahini Samagra ebook
Historical story is a literary class in which the events of the story happen in some places of the past. There is an essential element of historical story that will happen in the past and will explain the traditions and culture of that time. The authors occasionally presented significant historical figures in the story, in it the reader can imagine how did they adjusted with the age. Fiction or non-historical elements are mixed in the novel to some subgenres, such as alternative history or historical fantasy. There are many definitions about what the historical novel implies. All of my book warm friends, now I want to share a book of Historical story collection- ‘Oitihasik Kahini Samagra’ which is written by Hemedrakumar Ray who is famous for writing thriller and detective stories for children and teenager.

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Now I want to share a Bangla historical stories collection book of Hemedrakumar Ray – ‘Oitihasik Kahini Samagra’ in pdf.

Table of content-

Free book pdf Oitihasik Kahini Samagra


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