Shibram Chakrabortir Chhotoder Shreshtha Golpo pdf

Shibram Chakrabortir Chhotoder Shreshtha Golpo pdf
Writer- Shibram Chakrabarty,
Book genre- Funny story collection for children,
File format- PDF,
Size- 5mb,
Pages- 114,
Quality- best, without any watermark

Shibram Chakrabortir Chhotoder Shreshtha Golpo pdf

We have never found a master of comedy writer in Bengali like Shivram. He called himself Shibram Chakkotti. ‘Montor Master’, ‘Kolkatar Halchal’, ‘Bari Theke Paliye’, ‘Kalantar Lalfita’ (Sei Pantha To?), ‘Ghorar Sange Ghoraghuri’, ‘Hatir Sange Hatahati’, ‘Kakababur Kakatuya’- after reading so many books like this, we laughed a lot and also got in trouble again. Occasionally, Shibram Chakraborty’s book came out of the school books, so we had to stand on the bench and decorate the class. But we had no regrets about this. Bari Theke Paliye Kanchan, Kolkatay Asa Harshabardhan Gobardhan, Alexander, Chaler Arote Thatiyekanto, if we didn’t know about them, if we hadn’t heard the funny words from their mouths, we would have been a sullen face child of Ramgarur. Shibram has saved us from that grumpy face.

However, this is the best compilation of his selected laughter stories- ‘Shibram Chakrabortir Chhotader Shreshtha Golpo’ in pdf. Table of content-

Shibram Chakrabortir Chhotoder Shreshtha Golpo content

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Dear reader, collect the selected funny story collection book for children ‘Shibram Chakrabortir Chhotoder Shreshtha Golpo’ chhotoder hasir golper boi pdf.

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