Daktarer Kachhe Kakhan Jaben Keno Jaben pdf

Daktarer Kachhe Kakhan Jaben Keno Jaben by Dinesh Chandra Saha pdf
ebook name- ‘Daktarer Kachhe Kakhan Jaben Keno Jaben’,
Written by – Dinesh Chandra Saha,
Type of book- Disease and Medicine Related Book,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 24 Mb,
Pages- 162,
Quality- Good, no watermark,

Daktarer Kachhe Kakhan Jaben Keno Jaben pdf

People of today’s age are aware of their health awareness. This awareness is spreading in all sections of the society due to the spread of education and financial development. This awareness has an important contribution to make in protecting and improving public health.
In addition, education, health, financial development, and social security are now considered as the birthright of every human being.
The United Nations and the World Health Organization are doing important work on education and public health in their member states around the world. Even then it is seen that in many countries ordinary people die prematurely only because of ignorance. But with health awareness, hygiene, food, drinking water, and lifestyle precautions, mortality can be halved.

In modern society, most of the diseases that are killing people are being caused by human beings and are increasing. Many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, various heart diseases, kidney, liver, lungs, pancreas, etc. have become more active due to environmental pollution and changes in human diet and lifestyle. Modern disease control is possible only by improving the quality of food and living.

Scientists and medical experts from all over the world are publishing opinions in various media about the causes, the types of diseases that can occur, and how to prevent them. Their advice and information are presented in this book in a very simple language that is easy for the common people to understand. The main objective is to increase the health awareness of the people.

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