Bideshi Kothasahitye Sapta Kishori – Bengali book pdf

Bideshi Kothasahitye Sapta Kishori , Bengali book pdf
ebook name- ‘Bideshi Kothasahitye Sapta Kishori’
Writer- Various authors
Translated by- Kanan Bihari Mukherjee
Book genre- Translated / Anubad Book
File format- PDF
Size- 14Mb
Pages- 223
Quality- good, without any watermark

Bideshi Kothasahitye Sapta Kishori pdf

Translator- Kanan Bihari Mukherjee who was a former professor of Bengali literature at Biswabhavati and the first working secretary of Mahajati Sadan. Former Principal of Rabindra Bharati University Exhibition. Author of books like “Manush Rabindranath”.

There are several similarities between the contents of the seven or eight stories in this translation book. The content of these stories is centered around one-on-one rosebud. The main attraction of the plots is the colorful alpana of various forms in the heart of the teenager.
The four teenagers we find as the main characters are not from the same country – these girls from different countries like England, Denmark, Polao, Russia etc. Their characters have been painted by the brushes of great artists of different nations. Yet in the extreme analysis, it seems that they are all basically the same kind of entity. Of course, there are some age differences between them and there are also some racial and class differences in the way they express love. However, it is doubtful whether there is any difference between the primitive form of love and their character.
Judging specifically, there is a worldly simplicity in the hearts of these teenage girls. That simplicity is not the simplicity of the ignorant. Their consciousness towards reality is quite sharp but they live in the dream of the absolute without knowing it.
With the advent of adolescence, they change inside and outside their lives. They became “unnecessarily fickle”. Their subconscious mind feels the feeling of spontaneous love. Similarly, there is no hidden artificial deception in their first love offering. As can be seen, Megan, the daughter of a peasant farmer, Stella, who was brought up in London, and Lalita Margarita in the school environment, reflect same basic form of their adolescent mystery.

Undoubtedly, the best works of some of the great artists have been compiled in the book, they were inspired to fill the thirst of the literary world with absolute satisfaction.

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