Edgar Allan Poe Rachana Sangraha All Parts Jointly pdf

Edgar Allan Poe Rachana Sangraha All Parts Jointly pdf file

ebook name- Edgar Allan Poe Rachana Sangraha (1st, 2nd, 3rd Parts)
Author- Edgar Allan Poe
Book Type- Onubad ebook
Translated by- Ardrish Bardhan
File format- PDF
Total seventy two stories
Pages- 770
File size- 22mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Edgar Allan Poe Rachana Sangraha

An amazing novel writer Edgar Allan Poe whose real life was drowned in the mystery. He was a US poet, short story writer, editor, critic and one of the leaders of the US Romanticism movement. And also known as the father of the popular genre of literature of mystery-thriller. Inspire by the detective story of his written, in the nineteenth century many detective story writers were created this type of story in around the world. Not only intelligence stories, but his many stories and poems have inspired to Rabindranath Tagore, Jibanananda Das and many world famous writers. This talented author was an owner of diverse life and he spent his whole life through various kinds of pain, financial misery and mental unrest. His contribution in the field of detective story writing is memorable. Among his writings, ‘Amantilador Pipa’, ‘Kalo Biral’, ‘Ru Marger Hatyakanda’ and ‘Churi Jaoa Chithi’ they gave him international fame. Allan Poe’s literary works are still being acknowledged by a general readers and a scholarly critics to all. Fearsome types story and novel are still the best in the world
This book contents are-
1st Part-
The fist modern detective story-
‘Ru Marger Hatyakanda’
The author’s only novel-
‘Bhoyer Bichitra Chalochchhobi’
Best Stories-
‘Fon Cempelen O Tar Abishkar’, ‘Lal Mrityur Mukhosh’, ‘Mrityur Pore’, ‘Bang Tarka’, ‘Hridpinda’, ‘Kalo Biral’, ‘Belune Chore Chande Joya’, ‘Bandi Atmar Lomoharshak Kahini’, ‘Momir Sange Kichhu Kotha’, ‘Doctor Alkatra O Professior Palok’, ‘Dhumketu’, ‘Lombate Baxo’, ‘Dant’, ‘Abar Arabya Rajani’, ‘Shahorer Pap’, ‘Morok Raja’, ‘Tasbir’, ‘Chashma’, ‘Chiriya Chithi Ar Goyar Goyenda’, ‘Amontilador Pipe’, ‘Ghurnipanke Chh’ganta’.
2nd Part-
‘Petabishta Prasad’, ‘Chhagalchanar guptadhan’, ‘Jabbar genarel’, ‘William wilson’, ‘Tachakota’, ‘Nital Gahwar,Nithur Dolok’, ‘Prabin Jahajer Prohelika’, ‘Mery Rojet Rahasya’ and many more. Table of contents are below-

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