Sheshto Galpo by Jack London in ebook pdf


Sheshto Galpo by Jack London in Bangla ebook pdf

eBook name- Sheshto Galpo
Author –  Jack London
Format- PDF
size- 6MB
Pages- 86
eBook quality- Good

Sheshto Galpo by Jack London

Jack London, before becoming a writer, his life was Banditry. Seal fishing from sea, Pirates, Killings, There is no hooliganism- he did not. When his around the age of thirty, once he Walking in the street then he found torn pages of a book and read up. And he was surprised. It’s the story? His own life, also it’s like a story. Took up the pen and began to write. He’s ten years of writing came to an end With the death of a alcohol addict. Edited by Biswasahitya Kendra, published in 1996, Jack London’s best stories. There are five stories in this ebook pdf, these are- Jiban Trishna, Bidharmi, Agun Jalte Hole, Galper Sheshe, Ek Tukro Manso.
Get his ebook pdf Sheshto Galpo.


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