Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra (all parts) Translated by Manindra Dutta

Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra (all parts) Translated by Manindra Dutta Bangali ebooks pdf.
e-book name- Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra
Author- Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi
Translated by- Manindra Dutta
Format- PDF
Parts- 1, 2, 3, 4
Quality- Good

Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi (Tolstoy) was the greatest Russian author. From 1865 to 1868, Tolstoi wrote his great historical epic ‘War and Peach” and From 1899 to 1889 for long ten years through many disruptions, he wrote his controversial novel ‘Resurrection” and between the two novels (1873-1878) he wrote ‘Anna Karenina’. Today I’ll share with all of my blog viewers ‘Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra’ written by Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi and translated by Manindra Dutta. The samagra has four parts and you can collect these four parts as pdf from this post. Part-1 has the story of Anna Karenina, Part-2 has the story of War and Peach, Part- 3 have stories of War and Peach, The Kreutzer Sonata, The Cossacks, A Landlord’s Morning, and Part- 4 have stories of Resurrection, A Talk Among Leisure People, Walk in the Light While There is Light, The Forged Coupon, Family Happiness.

Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra (Anna Karenina) vol- 1
Pages- 787
PDF Size- 56mb
Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra (War and Peach) vol- 2
Pages- 791
PDF Size- 59mb

Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra vol- 3
Pages- 795
PDF Size- 57mb
Tolstoy Upanyas Samagra vol- 4
Pages- 827
PDF Size- 61mb

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  1. I need a Russian Story book; Bengali Version. The books name was, PENCIL AAR SARBOKARMAR ADVENTURE. It is a childrens’ story of an adventure made by two toys. One is a Magic Pencil, who can draw anything and after drawing the same become real. Another friend is Sarbokarma, who is friend of Pencil. He is just like a Robot, can do anything, unbeateable and very loving. I am eagerly trying to get the book.

      1. Please accept my sincere thanks. I am really grateful to you for your nice cooperation. Thanks once again.

  2. Dear Admin,

    The Tolstoy Uponyas Somogro part 3 & 4 is not downloadable. Please help by repairing the link.

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