Prithibir Sreshtho Bhoutik Golpo pdf

Prithibir Sreshtho Bhoutik Golpo, Bangla anubad bhoutik golpo pdf
e-book name- ‘Prithibir Sreshtho Bhoutik Golpo’,
Author name- various foreign writer,
Type of Book- Ghost Stories/Voutik Golpo,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 15Mb,
Pages- 237,
Quality- best, without any watermark, clickable table of contents.

Prithibir Sreshtho Bhoutik Golpo pdf

The content of this book is a collection of the best ghost stories in the world.
But before the story or any discussion about ghosts, the question may arise why in the age of science there is talk of these unscientific matters?
The answer is taken from the preface of a story by the late eminent writer Narayan Gangopadhyay.
“In the eyes of science, the existence of ghosts is useless. The ghostly existence is surrounded by various doctrines like that of God’s existence- theist, atheists, skeptics, or agnostics all have their own doctrines.
In simple words, ghosts have no place in the world of logic. If you want to accept ghosts, you have to retreat from logic in the Paleolithic primitive age. Those who are atheists in supernatural theories will no longer have to argue today – they will have to fight for an ultimate settlement- have to fight with them for the ultimate settlement.
Yet even after scientific information and argument, there is something that remains. Some of these questions arise in our minds — their answers are not usually found. This does not mean that the answers to those questions will never be found. Maybe the scope of science will solve everything at once. But until that happens, some strange events start to move our thoughts in various ways.”

These ghostly things have enlightened the literary world in many ways. And for a long time, not only in Bengali literature but in all the literature of the world, these ghost stories have enriched the literary treasure. In the age of science, ghosts may not exist at one time, but ghost stories will continue in the future. Writing on this subject is still going on as before in the field of literature.

The book ‘Prithibir Sreshtho Bhoutik Golpo’ contains 19 special ghost stories written by the world’s best writers. Table of contents-

Prithibir Sreshtho Bhoutik Golpo ebook

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Bangla anubad vuter golpo ‘Prithibir Sreshtho Bhoutik Golpo‘ pdf

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