Professor Challenger Samagra by Arthur Conan Doyle onubad ebook

Professor Challenger Samagra by Arthur Conan Doyle onubad ebook pdf
ebook name- Professor Challenger Samagra
Author- Arthur Conan Doyle
Onubad by- Manindra Dutta and Sudhangshuranjan Das
File format- PDF
Pages- 402
File size- 37mb
Quality- excellent, without any watermark

Professor Challenger Samagra ebook
There are many stories have been written in the world whose content is science and such “fantasy” or fiction has traveled on a variety of paths. Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H. G. Wells and many more, this genre of stories and novels has been very nutritious and rich in the writings of these writers. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an amazing storyteller. Along with the mystery story, he also showed equal expertise in Sci-fiction stories. World-renowned detective Sherlock Holmes is the hero of his mystery story and the veteran scientific professor George Edward Challenger is the central character of his written science fiction. This world famous author was born in 1859 in an Irish Catholic family in Edinburgh. He passed the medical examination from the University of Edinburgh. From 1882 to 1890, he was connected in medical business in Southsea region. But in 1891 he became serious infected with Influenza and he moved to a house in Southern Norwood. During this time he took literary as a career. It is undoubtedly that Sherlock Holmes is the best character of his created and Professor Challenger is right after him. Professor Challenger’s sharp minded intelligence, unique general confidence, perseverance and hard work that attract the readers. So friends now I want to share with you a onubad ebook ‘Professor Challenger Samagra’ as a pdf file. This integral version translated into Bangla by Manindra Dutta and Sudhangshuranjan Das and edited by Shubhopati Dutta. Table of content-
Professor Challenger Samagra content
Onubad ebook pdf Professor Challenger Samagra

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