Dickens Granthabali Bangla translated ebook pdf

Dickens Granthabali Bangla translated ebook pdf file
e-book name- Dickens Granthabali
Author name- Charles Dickens
Translated by- Sarojnath Ghosh
File format- PDF
PDF size- 70mb
Pages- 412
Quality- Not bad

Dickens Granthabali ebook
Full name- Charles John Huffam Dickens (Born: February 7, 1812 – Death: June 9, 1870) was one of the greatest English novelists of the nineteenth century. He considered the best historic of the Victorian era. In his lifetime, the author was able to achieve much popularity and fame more than to predecessor writers. His popularity remains intact till after the death. The main reason is Dickens created a number of legendary characters and novels in English literature. Notable works are- Sketches by Boz, The Old Curiosity Shop, Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, Barnaby King, A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield, Great Expectations, Blake House, Little Dorrit, Hard Times, Our Mutual Friend, etc. Now I want to share with all my beloved readers, an anubad novels collection book of the author, there are two great novels (Bleak House, David Copperfield) and eleven intentions in the ebook. All these stories have translated into Bengali by Sarojnath Ghosh.
Bangla translated ebook pdf Dickens Granthabali

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Table of contents given below-
Blick House (novel)
David Copperfield (novel)
Nabin-Dampati (diagram)
Loukik Dampati
Premik Dampati
Tarkapriyo Dampati
Aporisim Santanasokta Dampati
Udasin Dampati
Prasangsaniya Dampati
Chamatkar Dampati
Atmabadi Dampati
Sabdhani Dampati
Briddha Dampati

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