Pakhir Kotha by Satyacharan Laha ebook

Pakhir Kotha by Satyacharan Laha Bangla free book pdf
e-book name- Pakhir Kotha
Author name- Satyacharan Laha
File format- PDF
PDF size- 19mb
Pages-  318
Quality- good

Pakhir Kotha by Satyacharan Laha

Pakhi (bird) is a bipedal creature with feathers and wings. There are more than 10,000 species of birds in the world. A class of birds are total 23 class, 142 genre, 2057 category and 9702 species has been disposed. Birds lay eggs, hard-shelled eggs by which they left their descendants. There are many migratory birds in the world, at certain times of the year they had to overcome huge distances from one place to another place. The birds have much more economic importance as food, many of these species are hunting for meat. Some species are commercially pets. Those are interested in birds, they can read the wonderful book about the bird and famous historian of Bengali literature Haraprosad Shastri have praised the book.
free book pdf Pakhir Kotha

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