Dhurjatiprasad Rachanabali (Vol-1,2 and 3) by Dhurjatiprasad Mukhopadhyay

Dhurjatiprasad Rachanabali (Vol-1,2 and 3) by Dhurjatiprasad Mukhopadhyay Bangla ebooks pdf
e-Book Name- Dhurjatiprasad Rachanabali
Parts- 1, 2 and 3
Author- Dhurjatiprasad Mukhopadhyay
File Format- PDF
Quality- Good, no watermark

Dhurjatiprasad Rachanabali
Dhurjatiprasad Mukhopadhyay (born on October 5, 1894 and died on December 15, 1961) was an educationist, litterateur. His ancestral home was at Bhatpara, district of 24 Pargana. In 1912, he graduated in ISc from Ripon College. After he obtained degree MA in Economic and English from the University of Calcutta (1918, 1920). He was a teacher in the Department of Economics in Lucknow University (1922-54) and Aligarh University (1954-59). He is mainly known as a novelist, Antahshila (1935), Abarta (1937) and Mohona (1943) are his trilogy novels. And also his notable works are Amra O Tahara, Chintoyosi, Sur O Sangeet, Katha O Sur etc. His major works in English are- Basic Concepts of Sociology, Modern Indian Culture (1930), Personality and Social Sciences (1934), Tagore- A study (1940), On Indian History (1944), Views and Counterviews, Diversities, Indian Music etc. Now I’ll share with all my dear book warm friends, Rachanabali collection three parts eboos pdf of this author, named Dhurjatiprasad Rachanabali in this post.
Dhurjatiprasad Rachanabali Vol- 1
pages- 559
Pdf Size- 36mb
Dhurjatiprasad Rachanabali Vol- 2
pages- 663
Pdf Size- 42mb
Dhurjatiprasad Rachanabali Vol- 3
pages- 654
Pdf Size- 42mb

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