Narodiyo Bhaktisutra by Swami Probhobananda pdf

Narodiyo Bhaktisutra by Swami Probhobananda, Bengali ebook pdf
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Written by – Swami Probhobananda,
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Narodiyo Bhaktisutra by Swami Probhobananda

Narod is the originator of Bhaktisutra. But who was Narod, it is very difficult to say. His story is first found in the Chandogya Upanishad, one of the world’s oldest scriptures. There we see that he is going to Maharishi Sanathkumar who thirsts for spiritual knowledge. It is mentioned in the scriptures that Narod was proficient in all departments of art, science, music, philosophy, and ancient scriptures.

He told Sanathkumar, “I am not getting peace. I have read all, but do not know the soul. I have heard from great acharyas like you that only one who knows the soul can transcend sorrow. My forehead is forever sad. Please help me to get out of this misery.” Thus, after much discussion between Guru and disciple, Sanatkumar said to Narod, “Bhumoibo Sukhang Nalpe Sukhomasti”. Happiness is on omnipresent; There is no happiness in little. What is infinite is immortal; Finite matter is mortal. He who knows, meditates on, and realizes the Supreme Being, who rejoices in the Atman, experiences union with the Atman and is absorbed in Atmanananda, becomes master of himself and the world. Those who do not know this truth are slaves.

Then we find mention of Narod in Srimad-Bhagavatam. There he became a great Brahman. Narod requested Vyasa (the compiler of the Vedas and author of the Mahabharata) to compose the Srimad Bhagavatam.

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